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Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC)

PHP was awarded a five-year contract to be the healthcare administrator for Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) starting September 1, 2005. CDOC and PHP share the belief that delivering appropriate care in an effective manner can result in decreased cost while providing quality healthcare services. This common goal is central to our partnership, and will influence our future direction together. The primary care provider is the foundation of the care model used by CDOC and PHP. Based at each of the correctional facilities, CDOC primary care providers have the training to deliver a broad spectrum of care, and are in the best position to know each offender’s medical history and needs.

When specialized care is required, the Primary Care Provider (PCP) refers the offender to qualified specialty care providers belonging to a network of trusted professionals who share our values and commitment to excellent healthcare.

Even when referred for specialty care, offender treatment continues to be guided, managed, and monitored by their PCP.


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